The Power Of Your Beliefs

BeliefThere is no other more powerful directing force in your behavior than your beliefs.


Have you heard the story of the 4 min mile? Many people, experts included, believed that it was completely impossible for anyone to run a mile in under 4 mins. They believed that until 1954, when Roger Banister proved that wrong. One year later, 37 more runners broke that barrier. A year after that, 300 more did the same.

Ever seen a dog get in a swimming pool? A dog can jump in a pool and swim like a pro, even if it’s the first time. Now, what happens if you drop a person in a 10 ft. pool that’s never swam before. They’d probably drown. Why is it that a dog would swim, but a person would drown? It’s because people believe they will drown but dogs don’t.

What All This Means

These cases show the power of belief. There is nothing more powerful than your beliefs about yourself, people, and the world around you. Your power to achieve or fail at everything is all in your beliefs.

Our potential in life is determined by the beliefs we hold in our minds. Think about it, what are you bad at? For example, many people think they’re bad at math. So throughout school, they made bad grades and struggled in math class.

No belief is good or bad, they’re just empowering or limiting. In other words, those people who struggled in math, had problems simply because they believed they weren’t good at it. They failed a few test early in life, and the belief stuck. Then that belief became their reality. It limited them.

Look at it from the other side, those people who believe that they are math wizs. Early in life they aced a few math tests, and they started to believe that math was their subject. Then because of that belief they continued to kill math test and that just became their reality. It empowered them.

Beliefs create reality. Meaning whatever beliefs you have, will become your reality. All actions you take and the way you think is determined by the beliefs you have. So, to change the way you behave, you got to figure out what the belief behind it is. Change that belief and the behavior will change.

Let’s go deeper though. Say your dream is to drive a Lamborghini, or to find an attractive partner, or even to earn a million dollars. It could be something as small as losing 10 pounds or as big as owning a 20,000 sq ft house. I hate to bust your bubble but, no matter what your goal is, you’ll never have it unless you fully believe you deserve it.

If your goal is to own a Lamborghini (I want a Ferrari myself), but deep down you feel that you’ll never be able to buy and drive one, you won’t ever get one.

And I’m not saying that you won’t have to work to get it. Think about this though, why would you even work toward a dream you believe you’ll never see come true. You wouldn’t and even if you did, you wouldn’t put all you have into it.

The first step to you doing, having, and being any dream is developing an unbreakable belief that you deserve and that you will have it. You got to know that it’s yours.

Two things have to happen. You got to get rid of the limiting belief and you have to replace it with the empowering belief.

Identifying Limiting Beliefs

Before you can eliminate the beliefs that hold you back, you need to do two things, the first is to learn to monitor your self talk and the second is to become aware of the biased judgments that you make all the time.

  1. Monitor self talk


Learning to monitor self talk means being to spot the limiting beliefs that show up in the conversations that go in your mind. For example, if you hear yourself say “I can’t do this, because I’m not smart enough”, then there is a self limiting belief about you not being smart behind that.


  1. Watch Biased Judgments


Becoming aware of the biased judgments you make is equally important. Usually your mind will filter out all evidence that doesn’t support the limiting belief, while keeping the rest. For example, if you believe that only people who have connections can get the job that you want, then you’ll ignore evidence that says otherwise.


  1. Say What You Want


Once you got those two skills down, you can identify your self limiting beliefs by speaking your goals. Just say them, whatever they are. Then pay attention to all the reasons that pop up in your head of why you can’t have them. As soon as you say your goal, the self limiting beliefs will show up.


For all of the reasons why you tell yourself you can’t have them, find the limiting belief behind that and write it down.

Knowing the beliefs that hold you back, is half the battle when you’re getting rid of them.


MAXX You Moment

Beliefs are powerful. They are the difference between where you are and where you want to be. To be real, one reason you haven’t reached your dreams yet is because you don’t believe you can.

To be the MAXX You, you need to constantly be aware of all things that hold you back and limit your potential.

Finding out your limiting beliefs is an important step toward becoming the MAXX, because when you become the MAXX, your only belief toward your dreams is that they were yours the moment you set them.


GET Rid Of Them


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